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About LinkedWith

Where the fun and learning begins

Our mission is to bring students soft skill training that is important for future development in a workplace environment through an interactive and enjoyable experience. We offer a variety of online seminars and in-person volunteer opportunities as well as 1 on 1 mentoring. We also teach students how to apply these soft skills to real life with the Metaverse workplace simulation game we are developing.

Meet the Team

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Joanna Dong


Joanna strives for a positive impact on others. Her interest in entrepreneurship started at a young age by helping her family’s small business. She loves watching workplace shows, imagining herself living the workplace life. She co-founded an NPO and helped run and manage it. This opportunity allows her to experience the workplace environment, build soft skills, and receive the PVSA Gold Award. In the WGHS Investment Competition, Joanna co-led her team to Global Champions by applying creativity, cooperation, and communication skills. She was also a mentor for the SARRC PEERS Mentorship Program, where she accumulated social skills and helped others.

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Miranda Gu

CFO & Secretary

Miranda loves to help others. She is a responsible peer-to-peer tutor at her high school and volunteers at various NPOs regularly. In her free time, she likes to make art like drawings and jewelry, play around with code, and create YouTube videos. All of these hobbies have led her to be a very detailed and efficient person. Miranda also has leadership roles in various clubs such as International Club and is a Speech & Debate champion, which requires strong time management and public speaking skills.

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Tyler Wong

Director of Outreach and Events

Tyler is an extroverted peer. He loves working with others and being a leader. Tyler is currently an Executive Secretary for a volunteer service NPO. Volunteer work impacted so many things he has done, leading him to achieve the PVSA Gold Award for 100 volunteer service hours, took a stock/Investment course, and being the Co-President and Student Ambassador in his school's student government. All these experiences have helped Tyler gain social, communicative and leadership skills. Tyler devotes his free time to playing piano and National Club Volleyball.

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Brad Wu

Director of IT

Brad is a master at introspection. He likes to learn about many things, including himself. He is always interested in trying new things, no matter how outlandish, as there is always a chance that it will create memories for years to come. In his free time, he likes to play around with computers and games, activities which display. He also participates in clubs like Academic Decathlon, which taught him the thought and learning process of people. He believes that there is always more potential inside of us, we just have to look.

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